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  GBRf   'Evening Star' Class 37

eveing star 37.png

Fictional Reskin of the GBRF Class 66 '66779' onto the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37

Requirements:  AP Class 37 Vol 1 & 2

KWVR 45212 Red plates

Screenshot_Reskin test track 1_54.23455--1.37408_12-00-28.jpg

Reskin of the KWVR Black 5 during its time wearing red plates on the smokebox door.

Requirements:  BMG Black 5 Steam Loco


London Trasport Class 66

Fictional Reskin of the LT Class 20 onto the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66

Requirements:  Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66

RR Class 144 ad.jpg

KWVR Class 144 '144011'

Reskin of the KWVR's new DMU edition, Ex-Northern Class 144 'Pacer'

Requirements: MJW 144 Revamp/Riviera Line

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